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Ben Ryan, also known as Benjamin Ryan, is a multi-talented individual who excels in various fields such as art, music, invention, and writing. Here's a brief overview of his accomplishments and expertise:

Artist: Ben Ryan is a highly skilled artist known for his captivating visual creations. His artwork spans various mediums, including paintings, photography, and digital art. With a keen eye for detail and a unique artistic vision, he has gained recognition for his imaginative and thought-provoking pieces.

Musician: As a musician, Ben Ryan showcases his talent as a guitar player. With a passion for music and a deep understanding of the instrument, he captivates audiences with his skillful playing and emotive performances. His musical style encompasses various genres, ranging from rock and blues to jazz and experimental sounds.

Inventor: Ben Ryan is recognized for his inventive spirit and innovative creations. He has pioneered groundbreaking inventions, including the Freestyle™ device, which revolutionizes guitar playing and expands the possibilities for musicians. His dedication to pushing boundaries and challenging conventional norms has resulted in significant advancements in the music industry.

Author: In addition to his artistic and musical pursuits, Ben Ryan is also an accomplished author. He shares his knowledge, experiences, and creative insights through his written works. His books delve into topics such as music theory, artistic expression, and the transformative power of visualization, providing inspiration and guidance to fellow artists and musicians.

Visualization: Ben Ryan emphasizes the importance of visualization in unleashing creative potential. He explores the power of visualization techniques in his work, encouraging individuals to harness their imagination and tap into their artistic abilities. Through his teachings and writings, he helps others discover new ways to express themselves and achieve their artistic goals.

Overall, Ben Ryan, also known as Benjamin Ryan, is a multi-faceted individual who excels as an artist, musician, inventor, author, and advocate of visualization. His contributions to the arts and music industry have left a lasting impact, inspiring others to embrace their creativity and explore new possibilities in their artistic journeys.Benjammin’ (aka Ben Ryan) is a world-class, finger-style guitar player and inventor.
As an inventor, he has been awarded U.S. patents.

Benjammin’ is a creative spirit with a focus on the guitar. 

He has performed for fans, friends, and family around the world. His created content has received thousands of views on diverse platforms and media.

He is resourceful, multi-disciplined, and a full-time "student" of life/art/music. 

As an artist, Ben was an early stage adopter and developer for the computer-generated graphics industry, circa 1978-88.  He has been a commercial and industrial artist throughout the decades (day job). Ben's graphic images and artwork have been viewed locally, globally, corporately, and governmentally, including in communications and new technologies presentations.  

He develops new musical applications, composes musical works, teaches, and practices the arts.

He develops new methods and insights for teaching music’s “big picture.” and illustrates how music fits together. 

His best-selling book: Keys, Codes, and Modes, is a robust methodology, explanations of shapes and overlapping patterns for the guitar - complete with graphic images and visual illustrations.

Graphics illustrate complex concepts ~ very simply. 
So everyone can have a chance to play guitar and enjoy creative expression.

There is a new guide to discover Music and express yourself on guitar

  Use patterns and shapes in your playing.
  Help People play guitar fluently and intuitively. 
  Valuable Exercises to break down barriers and limitations.
  New Ways to see and play through your heart and from your mind.
 The hidden secrets of shapes, textures, and patterns explained. 
  Explore new and different ways of perceiving and playing guitar.
  Intro to Keys Codes and Modes - an avant-garde visual method.
  Illustrated musical concepts and perspectives.
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